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Here’s How to End the Most Embarrassing Bladder Problems Ever!

Are you always running to the bathroom? There’s now a pill for that!

It uses the latest discovery in bladder control that’s helping thousands of men and women STOP accidents and leaks in just a few weeks. 

4,632+ happy customers

  • 800-305-4084

  • 800-305-4084

Reduces Bladder Leaking and Embarrassing Dribbling by 62.5%

Proven in double-blind studies and prestigious medical journals.

Relieves the Constant Urge to Pee by 61%

And in every person who tried it! No more running to the bathroom because it feels like you have to go.

Helps You Sleep Like a Baby

You can finally catch up on ZZZs when you don’t have to pee! Get a full, rejuvenating nights rest without getting up 3-4 times or more.

And Gets You Out of Diapers and Pads!

You can toss them – research proves it. Enjoy life again with total bladder control.

The Discovery That’s Helping Men and Women Enjoy 24/7 Bladder Control

If you want to stop peeing so much – during the day and at night - you need to strengthen your old, worn-out bladder, especially your detrusor muscle. No one talks about it but it’s the secret to relief and there are very few ways to do it. That’s why Urivarx is such an exciting breakthrough.

If you’re constantly plagued by bladder problems…

If you suffer “leaks” when you sneeze, laugh, cough, lift something heavy, or can’t get to the bathroom in time…

If your bladder feels constantly full even though you’ve been to the bathroom a dozen times already through the day…

If you constantly have to get up 2, 3, 4, or more times through the night to use the bathroom…

Or you suffer from any of the “accidents” that bladder problems can cause…

Then I have important – no, make that critical – news for you. 

News that can slam the brakes on these embarrassing and even life-changing problems…

And give you back the life you had before bladder problems reared their ugly head. 

And in the next few moments, I’m going to show you…prove to you beyond any shadow of doubt…that you can help you experience normal, healthy bladder control…

Using a safe, clinically tested, scientifically proven solution that stops bladder problems in their tracks…give you much better control over the urge to pee through the day and night…and stop embarrassing leaks.

The Real Reason Why Your Bladder Is Failing (That ABSOLUTELY NO ONE Is Talking About)

So, you want to build a better bladder? It all starts by strengthening the muscles that surround it, especially the detrusor muscle which helps create a “leak-tight seal”.

When these muscles are strong and taught, you can go for hours at a time without needing a bathroom break.

But when they’re weak, urine can pass through easily. The result is leaking, “accidents”, frequent trips to the bathroom during the day and night, incontinence, and more.

Why Bladder Muscles Weaken…

In women, things like childbirth, menopause, hormone imbalances, and aging can all contribute to weakening bladder muscles.

In men, everything from prostate problems to falling testosterone levels and aging can often be all it takes to weaken these delicate muscles and lead to a weak bladder. 

Fortunately, just like you can strengthen your heart muscle and any other muscle by giving it the right nutrients, so too can you strengthen and tone the muscles in your bladder that lead to urinary problems. 

In the next few minutes, I’ll tell you exactly what you can do to strengthen these tiny muscles and slam the brakes on bladder problems.

My name is

Dr. Steven Klayman

As a medical doctor with over 30 years of experience in treating people with urinary problems, I can tell you one thing I know as a true medical fact: Once you strengthen those weak bladder muscles, you can finally bring the nightmare of frequent and urgent urination to an end. 

That’s exactly what happened for my patient Cynthia. She suffered from a weakening of the muscles that controlled her bladder. 

"7 Trips To The Bathroom Every Night"

Cynthia’s problems were many. She would do something as innocuous as sneeze and her bladder would leak. She lost count of the number of “accidents” that had her changing her underwear.

It was embarrassing. She just never knew when her weak bladder would give out and lead to an accident. And she never knew when it would happen.

And often, it would be at the most inappropriate times. Like while she was out having dinner with a friend. Or at the supermarket. Or just sat at home watching TV.

Things got worse. At one point, she was waking up 7 or more times through the night because she just “had to go.”

It wasn’t just frustrating and embarrassing. It was tiring, too. She could never get a good night's sleep. And would often feel dog tired and cranky through the day. 

And she often felt isolated. How could she go out and enjoy anything when she constantly needed to go to the bathroom? 

When she contacted me she was at her wits end. “Doctor Klayman, my bladder problems are taking over my life. I can’t go out in fear of having an accident. I can’t sleep because I’ve constantly gotta go. What can I do?” she asked.

Fortunately, There Was An Answer…

I started Cynthia on an all-natural protocol to help solve her problems. It was a simple cocktail of 9 specific nutrients that have been proven to help strengthen the entire bladder and help reduce common bladder problems. 

“Take two capsules a day Cynthia and call me in three weeks,” I told her. 

But less than two weeks later, she called me excitedly. 

“Hey doc, it’s Cynthia. I know you said to call in three weeks but I couldn’t wait any longer. The capsules you gave me have been a god-send. My bladder problems are almost a distant memory. I’m sleeping all night, every night, without having to go to the bathroom! This is amazing!” 

The Trick That Solved Cynthia’s Embarrassing Bladder Problem That Can Now Help YOU! (Whether You’re a Guy or Gal)

What did I give Cynthia that solved her problems so quickly?

It’s a powerful natural remedy called UriVarx. A combination of 9 specific nutrients that have been tested and proven in gold-standard clinical studies over 15 years and…

Cuts embarrassing leaks and dribbles by a whopping 62.5%...

Makes your bladder “locked tight” to reduce urgency by 61%...

Puts a stop to peeing all day, every day…and cut night time urgency…

And it’s not just Cynthia who has said goodbye to her annoying and embarrassing bladder problems. Scores of people have used UriVarx to slow down urgency, prevent accidents, and get total bladder control for the first time in years.  

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Bladder Breakthrough #1

Centuries-Old “Spice” Curbs Urgency And Night-Time Trips To The Bathroom…

Did you know that one of the most powerful ways to control urinary urgency and night-time trips to the bathroom may be sitting on your spice rack?

It’s true. 

Of course, I’m talking about the common spice cinnamon. 

Cinnamon has been prescribed for urinary problems for centuries. The famous Sui Dynasty from the late 6th century used it to help control urgency, frequency, and even to help fight urinary tract infections. . 

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, researchers at the Taipei Medical University tested cinnamon on 66 people. 

Half the patients got a placebo. And the other half got an adhesive patch containing cinnamon to apply directly to the skin. 

To get accurate results, the researchers tested all the patients using two industry standard measurements. The Urgency Severity Scale (USS) to track urgency. And the Overactive Bladder Symptom Score (OABSS) to measure the severity of the problem.

And the results were nothing short of remarkable.

On the OABSS score, people who took the cinnamon got an almost 10 point improvement in daytime frequency, nighttime frequency, and overall urgency! 

Now, I know a 10 point increase in score may not seem like a lot…

But the maximum achievable score on the OABSS scale is just 15. So for a single nutrient like cinnamon to get an almost 10 point improvement is hugely impressive. And they got these results in just 4 weeks.

And in the USS scale, the results were even better. Those taking cinnamon got a 3.36 point improvement in symptoms. Again, when you consider the maximum score on the USS scale is just 5 points, an improvement of 3.36 is pretty amazing. 

But what about the placebo group? The results were minimal. 

So, just taking cinnamon daily can help reduce everything from urgency, frequency, nighttime trips to the bathroom, and more!

And cinnamon is just one of the nine powerful ingredients in UriVarx...

Bladder Breakthrough #2

  The Herb That Cuts Bathroom Trips…

If you could reduce water retention in your body, you’d reduce the amount of times you’d need to go to the bathroom. Less water, less need to urinate. That’s exactly what the herb Plantain does. 

Used for centuries as a diuretic, plantain helps reduce water retention from foods and helps keep it from ever reaching your bladder. It’s also been shown as a powerful remedy for UTI’s, bladder infections, kidney infections, and more. 

And that’s not all. Plantain boosts blood flow to damaged tissues to speed the healing process. In the bladder, it helps speed-heal damage to the crucial muscles in the bladder to help strengthen them. 

When you strengthen those crucial muscles in the bladder, you get that “locked tight” feeling. The result: Less urgency, reduced frequency, and healthier bladder function.  

That’s a powerful double-whammy against bladder problems. 

Bladder Breakthrough #3

The Mushroom That Boosts Urinary Flow and Cools Inflammation…

One of the biggest causes of frequent urination is incomplete emptying of the bladder. And another major cause of bladder problems is ongoing inflammation in the bladder. 

That’s why this next ingredient is so important – because it helps reduce both of these problems in one fell swoop.

First, it boosts urinary flow and gives total bladder emptying. When you can empty your bladder completely each time, you can go for hours without needing to use the bathroom again.

And second, it’s a powerful inflammation fighter, too. As it reaches the bladder, it’s cooling properties help dial down inflammatory levels within hours or even minutes. And since inflammation causes greater urgency and increases frequency, it helps address both of these problems at the root cause. 

This ingredient is called Poria Five. And it’s included in UriVarx. 

Bladder Breakthrough #4

The Chinese Root That Combats Overactive Bladder…

Sick and tired of running to the bathroom 3, 4, 5, or more times a day? Well, let me tell you about this next nutrient in UriVarx. It’s called Chinese Peony Root and it’s one of the most effective remedies for an overactive bladder. 

Scientists and researchers have found that one of the chief causes of an overactive bladder is a lack of blood flow to the urinary tract. As blood flow slows down, your bladder speeds up. 

That’s when you find yourself rushing to the bathroom day and night. That’s why Chinese Peony Root can have a powerful impact on bladder problems. 

It boosts blood circulation directly where you need it: In the urinary tract. As normal blood flow is restored, healthy bladder function is restored. And as function begins to improve, that overactive bladder that has you running off to the bathroom begins to slow down.

That’s why we include a healthy dose of Chinese Peony Root in every capsule of UriVarx. 

Bladder Breakthrough #5

The Herb That Balances Kidneys And Cuts Urge To Pee…

When it comes to frequent urination, one of the most important functions in the body is the kidneys. As you probably know, the kidneys help moisten and nourish all the other organs in the body.

But when the kidneys become unbalanced or lose their “yin,” the bladder becomes overloaded with fluid. As fluid increases in the bladder, you need to “go” more. And the longer your kidneys remain unbalanced, the longer your problems exist…and the worse it gets.

Result? Your bladder is constantly overloaded. You need to pee more. And you need to pee more often. 

That’s the bad news.

But the good news is, by simply restoring balance – restoring the “yin” – you can keep your kidneys functioning optimally…and protect your bladder from being overloaded. 

That’s what the herb Chinese Yam can do. It helps balance the kidneys…reducing stress on your bladder and keep it functioning optimally. When we saw the evidence on Chinese Yams’ ability to balance the kidneys and help cut urgency and frequency, we knew we had to include it in UriVarx. 

Bladder Breakthrough #6

This Chinese Root Boosts Blood Circulation To The Bladder…

The next superstar nutrient in the UriVarx line up is the Chinese root Achyranthes. It’s a potent nutrient that’s been used for everything from high blood pressure to menstrual cramps. 

And it’s also a powerful remedy for bladder problems. Why? Because it boosts blood flow to the lower half of the body – particularly the bladder. 

As mentioned previously, one of the biggest problems with bladder and urinary problems is the weakening of the muscles that control bladder function. And one of the problems with these tiny muscles is a lack of blood flow to those muscles.

Achyranthes solves this problem by speeding up blood flow to the bladder, and the crucial muscles that help the bladder function healthily. 

As blood flow and healing nutrients reach these muscles, they’re not only repaired but they’re strengthened, too. The stronger your bladder muscles, the tighter they become. And the tighter they are, the less chance there is of leaking, urgency, and poor urine flow. 

That’s why we have included Achyranthes in every capsule of UriVarx. 

Bladder Breakthrough #7

The Herb So Effective it Even Helps Against Incontinence…

Is there anything more humbling than having to wear adult diapers because your bladder leaks at will, whenever it chooses? As far as bladder problems go, it’s just about the worst scenario you can imagine.

And this is the very scenario thousands of people in America suffer with every day. 

That’s why we were so excited about this next nutrient. It’s called Cornus Officianlis… and it’s one of the most effective nutrients against a variety of bladder problems. 

It helps curb URGENCY…

It helps cut FREQUENCY…

And incredibly, it helps against INCONTINENCE!

Thousands of people have used Cornus to help slow down incontinence and help beat it completely.

That’s HUGE. There’s many nutrients that can help with bladder problems. But very few have been shown to help against almost total bladder loss as is the case with incontinence.

But Cornus Officionalis is one of those very few special nutrients that can do just that.

Needless to say, when we discovered the benefits of this superstar nutrient, it was a no-brainer that we would include it in UriVarx. 

Bladder Breakthrough #8

This Plant Extract Does Double Duty Against Bladder Problems…

Two of the biggest problems associated with bladder issues are pain and discomfort and inflammation. 

Pain and discomfort come from a poorly functioning bladder. With the constant strain it’s under, many people are in pain some or all of the time. 

And inflammation only makes things worse. 

It makes pain and discomfort worse. And inflammation also triggers symptoms like urgency and frequency. 

That’s why we have included a powerful natural plant extract called Paeonia Suffruticosa.

Paeonia has been shown to help alleviate both of these problems. It eases pain and discomfort by dialing down the inflammatory fires in the muscles and the bladder wall. 

And in doing so, it not only eases pain and discomfort, it slams the brakes on other symptoms like urgency, frequency, and more. 

You get a full XXmg dose of Paeonia in every capsule of UriVarx. The exact dose that’s been proven to have the greatest effect on pain and inflammation. 

Bladder Breakthrough #9

Asian Doctors Love This Powerful Bladder Tonic…

The final ingredient in UriVarx is a favorite among Asian doctors. They give it to their patients to help ease bladder problems like urgency, frequency, inflammation in the bladder wall, and more. 

And it doesn’t just help against these common bladder problems. It’s also a powerful nutrient that assists other bladder nutrients to work better, faster, and for longer. So you get an even greater effect from other nutrients.

It’s called Rehmannia, and it’s included in UriVarx not only for its potent effects on common bladder problems…

But also to give the entire formula and extra boost in potency and effectiveness.

With Urivarx, You Could Finally Say GOODBYE to All of The Embarrassing Accidents & Leaks in Just a Few Weeks! No More Running to The Bathroom or Waking Up to Pee. Enjoy a BETTER BLADDER RIGHT NOW.

4,632+ happy customers

As you can see, UriVarx is packed with safe, powerful nutrients that have been clinically proven to help end the misery of urinary problems. It’s the ULTIMATE formula to help tighten the delicate bladder muscles and restore bladder function to its former glory…

To say ADIOS to all the nasty bladder problems that can have you running to the bathroom day and night…

To reduce embarrassing leaks when you cough, laugh, sneeze, or do anything else that can lead to your faulty bladder leaking…

To strengthen the muscles of your bladder permanently and keep them strong for years to come…

And even help fight off nasty UTI infections, prostate troubles, and much more. 

That’s why users of UriVarx are raving about this all-natural solution. 

Proof Life Is So Much Better When You’re Not Always Running to the Bathroom!

They’re sleeping better at night, and sleeping longer without the interruption of bladder problems.

They’re enjoying their lives again without fear of embarrassing leaks and spurts.

They’re going HOURS at a time without needing to go to the bathroom. 

And perhaps for the first time in YEARS, they’re emptying their bladder fully and completely.

THAT’S true freedom from bladder problems. And that’s what you get with the clinically-proven UriVarx. 

Look at the glowing testimonials on this page. 

These are genuine and often rapid, life-changing results from folks just like you. 

But we don’t expect you to just take our word…or the word of our ecstatic users…as the be all and end all.

No. We want you to TRY IT FOR YOURSELF and PROVE IT for yourself before you decide on whether UriVarx is as effective as we say…and the testimonials and clinical studies say…

Get Up to THREE FREE BOTTLES of Urivarx

Backed By a 180 Day “Works or Its Free” Guarantee

That’s right – you can now try Urivarx for 6 months without any risk! And if it doesn’t solve your most embarrassing bladder problems…or fails to meet your expectations…or you just think isn’t right for you…it’s yours free. So, give it a shot to help you with…









Or any other problems linked to poor bladder health!

Why should you pay for something that doesn’t give you the benefits promised? You shouldn’t!

That’s why we want you to try Urivarx without pressure, for 6 months. That way, you give the nutrients plenty of time to work their magic and produce results just like the studies.

If after 6 months (or any time in between for that matter) you’re not totally satisfied with your results, someone from our client success team will refund every penny to your credit card. No questions asked.

100% NO-RISK GUARANTEE: Frequent Urges, Nighttime Visits To The Bathroom, Embarrassing “Leaks,” And Other Bladder Problems… GONE… Or It’s FREE!

Try it without a shred of risk for 90 days. If it doesn’t give you all the benefits I’ve mentioned here, if it doesn’t work like I promise or you expect, you don’t pay a single dime. 100% of your money will be refunded back to you without questions or hassles.

That’s how confident I am that UriVarx will be the ONLY bladder support you’ll ever need…and the last one you will ever buy.

Quite frankly, if UriVarx didn’t do everything I’m promising, my company would quickly go out of business. I know how effective this incredible solution can be…and I’m confident you’ll love it just as much as the thousands of other users of UriVarx do. 

You’ve seen the studies. You’ve seen the overwhelming proof that it works in the clinical studies mentioned. You’ve seen what users of UriVarx are saying about it…

The only thing you stand to lose are the nasty, troublesome, and embarrassing bladder problems you have today.

If that’s not the case, you get every red cent of your money back and you’ve had a completely free trial of UriVarx in the bargain. 

Right now, two paths lay before you...

First, you can persist as you are now with the bladder problems that blight your days and leave you feeling embarrassed, frustrated, and at your wits end. 

Or second, you can take a decisive step to ending bladder problems for good with the safe, clinically-tested, scientifically-proven formula that UriVarx will give you… 

And say goodbye to bladder problems once and for all. 

The choice is yours but the risk is OURS.

We formulated UriVarx for maximum potency, safety, and effectiveness. And I can tell you one thing for sure: Once you try this formula you’ll NEVER want to be without it again. It’s THAT good, that effective, and proven to get results even where other so-called bladder control formulas fall down.

So why waste another second? Take advantage of the generous 90-day RISK-FREE trial and turn off the faucet of bladder problems and finally get that “locked up tight” bladder that prevents urgency, leaks, frequency, and even helps prevent other nasty bladder problems!

Yours For Vibrant Bladder Health,

Dr. Steven Klayman