Nasova™ Isotonic Saline Nasal Spray w/ Moisturizing Cooling Spray (0.5 fl oz)


Nasova™ isotonic saline nasal spray is used to moisturize dry nose, clearing irritants and congesstion.

Recommended use: Use Nasova™ soothing saline spray to relieve nasal passage dryness, to moisturize and clear nasal passages from allergens, dust, and irritants. 

About This Product

Nasova™ metered dose isotonic saline spray delivers a precise amount of soothing saline spray in a gentle mist containing menthol and eucalyptus.

Use Nasova™ Saline Spray for fast and effective all ages relief for nasal passage dryness from allergy, sinus, and cold medications. Nasova™ Saline Spray moisturizes and clears nasal passages from allergens, dust and irritants.

Nasova™ is alcohol and drug free, and safe to use as often as needed.


USP grade Highly Purified Water (HPW), Sodium Chloride 0.9%, Sodium Phosphate Dibasic, Sodium Edetate, Sodium Phoshate Monobasic, Benzalkonium Chloride


Remove the protective cap. (Before using for the first time, depress the tab firmly several times to prime the metering pump). Hold the base of the container with the thumb and the nozzle between the index and second fingers. Insert the nozzle into the nostril. Depress pump 2-3 times all the way down with a firm and even stroke. Repeat the same procedure in the other nostril. 

Wipe the nozzle clean after each use. 

Shake to use as often as needed. 

Drug & Alcohol Free

Nasova Isotonic Saline Spray's main ingredient is an Isotonic Saline solution (0.9% NaCl) and is made with a drug & alcohol free formula.

Soothes Dryness

Soothes dryness from air conditioning, heating, smoke, dust, or air travel. Natural, safe, and can be used as often as needed.

Easy-To-Use Spray Bottle

Easy-to-use portable 15ml spray bottle easily carried anywhere while travelling, at work, at the house or at school.

Real Customer reviews
I have really bad sinus issues and I don't always want to use something with medicine in it. This is great for those times that I just want a saline spray to help open things up. It is easy to use with a quick pump. The bottle is a good size and will last if you aren't using it constantly. The price is good too.
— Cassi
my family and I are super allergic and with this solution using it up to three times a day we have been without suffering any allergic crisis or flu like many people around us due to the change of season, it is easy to apply and I can carry it in my purse even in a pocket, the puff is of good speed reaches the deepest part of the nose. the nose usually breaks due to lack of moisture with this saline solution it has not dried out and has not bled, it really is an excellent solution
— Felix
I use a saline nasal spray every morning and night to help keep my nasal passages clear and potentially rinse away any germs before they turn into an upper respiratory infection. This Nasova Isotonic Saline Spray is an easy-to-use spray that provides a gentle mist. It is a small and compact bottle that sprays evenly. The price is fair although this is definitely a small bottle that won't last very long since it only contains 0.5 fluid ounces. But overall, it works well and I recommend it.
— Jay (Amazon Customer)
I love using saline nasal sprays for clearing my nasal passages. Salt is very healing. This is a non medical option!!!
— David H.

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