Sensum+® Penile Sensitivity Topical Cream (28 of 0.5mL Single-Use Packets)

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Sensum+® patent-pending formula is the result of years of research into the optimal combination of natural oils to condition the specialized skin of the glans and shaft of the penis and to provide just the right amount of biofeedback for most men to increase sensitivity.


Use Sensum+® as part of your daily grooming regimen. Use for up to 10 weeks. Individual responses may vary.

About This Product

Sensum+® was created in response to increasing awareness about the important role sensitivity in sexual intercourse. Applied daily, Sensum+® formulation moisturizes glans to give you a more intense feeling during intercourse. Sensum+® is a moisturizer cream that increases sensation in a male’s glans. Reduced sensitivity is commonly associated with diabetes, hernia surgery, antidepressants, and circumcision.Sensum+®is used by men who have noticed a lack of sensitivity on their glans (head of penis) and shaft of the penis as a result of a circumcision or an onset of diabetes. Lack of penis sensitivity can cause delayed ejaculation or dullness of the penis. In clinical use surveys, and after 14 days of use, it was reported that Sensum+® increased the intensity of sexual pleasure in circumcised and non-circumcised men.

  • Rosa Damascenea Oil
  • Cinnamon Bark Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil

Sensum+® is available in single use packets each containing 0.5mL of cream

1. Apply twice daily to the penis (glans and shaft), 1-2 doses Sensum+® (dispenser) for the first 14 days and follow with once daily for an additional 8 weeks. If you are using the single use packets, use all of the content of each packet per use.

2. Circumcised men can use Sensum+® directly on the glans and shaft, gently massage the skin and allow to air dry for 15 seconds.

3. In uncircumcised men retract the foreskin before applying Sensum+® on the corona of the glans, gently massage the skin and let dry for 15 seconds before replacing the foreskin.

4. Wash hands with soap and water after application.

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